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Commercial Flooring Greenville South Carolina

Our commercial and industrial flooring systems range from a penetrating primer and 100% solids epoxy coating to a brightly colored quartz aggregate broadcast system. Our “acrylic flake” system with a UV resistant polyaspartic top coat is by far our most popular system.

Carolina Flooring Specialists offers customized commercial and industrial flooring systems that satisfy the most demanding design specifications. We can utilize company colors and logos, provide aggressive slip resistance for restaurant/bar applications and can meet many other specialty needs you may have.

Commercial kitchen with seamless epoxy flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

When it comes to Greenville commercial kitchens, flooring plays a vital role. It’s a demanding area that needs to look great and perform at a high level, while maintaining a clean and safe environment. Unprotected floors in a food processing facility can lead to slips, bacteria, noncompliance issues and be difficult to clean. Unlike traditional tile floors or vinyl where bacteria can often collect in the grout lines, our seamless polyaspartic and epoxy floors leave nowhere for these harmful microorganisms to hide.

Our anti microbial, high-gloss epoxy floor coatings are the perfect choice to make your commercial kitchen or food processing facility floors anti-slip, chemical and heat resistant, abrasion resistant and safe from bacterial growth. Our polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings are also USDA approved and compliant.

Auto Dealerships & Showrooms

Greenville automotive dealership showrooms and  repair shops often require heavy-duty flooring options that can withstand tire tracks, the weight of large equipment and vehicles, machine oils, chemicals and other harsh contaminants, all while maintaining a clean and professional look.

Resinous flooring system are the answer to keeping showrooms, garages and service areas attractive, clean and functional. Carolina Flooring Specialists offers polyaspartic and epoxy flooring options that deliver strength, durability, resistance and design appeal. For auto dealer retail and staff areas, designer epoxy flooring options can suit your needs.

Contact us today to find out our auto dealership flooring system recommendations that will provide you with a low-maintenance, decorative and long-lasting surface.

Tyre Shop Epoxy Flooring In Greenville SC
Salon Black Flake Epoxy Floor

Hospitality and Retail Flooring

In the hospitality and retail sector, it is necessary to find a flooring system that perfectly combines function with appearance. Polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings make it possible to design floors that incorporate nearly any color or pattern imaginable, while providing a safe walking surface for your staff and clients. Whether you want to create a sophisticated and relaxing hotel lobby with a seamless floor that looks like marble or granite, or you want to create an eye-catching custom flake and metallic epoxy floor that truly represents your brand, at Carolina Flooring Specialists we have the floor options and colors that you need.

Our hospitality and retail epoxy floor or polyaspartic systems are highly durable, easy to maintain and long-lasting, allowing you to accommodate guests and make a lasting impression.

Restaurant Flooring

Restaurant kitchens and dining areas are prone to drink and food spills and encounter dirt, chemicals, grass and more which can cause damage or create unsafe walking surfaces. The type of floor chosen for your restaurant, kitchens and storage areas will have a major impact on the cleanliness, safety and appearance of your establishment.

At Carolina Flooring Specialists we install seamless decorative and bacteria resistant polyaspartic and epoxy floors that reduce maintenance and cleaning expenses. Our epoxy floor coatings come in a variety of colors and finishes from multicolored chips to high-gloss metallic epoxy floors. All of our decorative resinous flooring systems can be custom designed to incorporate the colors, patterns, textures, logos and designs that will perfectly complement your establishment.

Thanks to their durability and longevity, polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings are great for use in Greenville restaurant dining and bar areas, restaurants freezers and fridges as well in restaurant kitchens and food prep areas.

Restaurant bar with newly installed epoxy floor
Public toilet with fresh epoxy flooring

Bathroom Epoxy Flooring

Do you want a floor in your bathroom that is easy to clean, yet durable, antimicrobial, but also decorative? Epoxy floor coatings from Carolina Flooring Specialists, might be just what you need.

Seamless and waterproof, epoxy floors make for an excellent option to coat bare concrete or replace tile on your bathroom floor. Available in a variety of colors and textures, epoxy is great for creating a range of designer looks. From high gloss solid colors to custom epoxy flakes and metallic epoxy systems, your Greenville bathroom floors can be tailor made to match with your interior design or company colors. While smooth epoxy is slippery when wet, our bathroom epoxy floors are finished with a rougher, slip-resistant surface for safety. This finish is also tougher than a perfectly smooth epoxy finish, giving you extra wear protection.

Because it is a liquid material, we can easily install it into showers and bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Epoxy is easy to keep clean, making it a great choice not only for residential bathrooms but also for commercial changing rooms and showers.

The Possibilities Are Endless With Polyaspartic and Epoxy Floor Coatings!

  • Traffic Aisles
  • Loading Docks
  • Machine Shops
  • Control Rooms
  • Battery Rooms
  • Locker/Shower Rooms
  • Floor Striping
  • Commercial Flooring Systems
  • Restaurants
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Showrooms
  • Production Areas

Benefits of Commercial Flooring

Seamless flooring systems from Carolina Flooring Specialists can utilize a moisture tolerant penetrating primer and a 100% solid chemical-resistance epoxy coating with desired aggregate for added slip resistance. Carolina Flooring Specialists floors stand up to the heavy traffic, high impacts and severe corrosion found in the industrial market.
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Better scratch, scuff and chemical-resistance
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Longer durability and wear-through protection
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Better overall visual appearance
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Easy to clean areas using a mop or broom
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Identify specific areas with alternate colors
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Save time and money by dramatically reducing maintenance time
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Texture for added slip resistance
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Commercial Floor Coating Near Me

Can't decide which polyaspartic or epoxy floor coating will be the best for your business?

Make an appointment and visit our showroom at 141 Highland Way, Taylors, SC 29687 to see the full range of floor finishes we offer. Our flooring specialists will be more than happy to walk you through all of the options and design a customized floor to meet your needs.
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