Residential Projects

Carolina Flooring Specialists is re-shaping the way families love their garages, pools, patios, sunrooms, basements, walkways,  and driveways. Our high performance industrial grade multiple component polymer flooring system will bring your fantasy garage or other project to life.

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Industrial & Commercial

Carolina Flooring Specialists High Performance Industrial Grade Epoxy Flooring can be found in some of the most safe, efficient and successful manufacturing and processing facilities in the United States, as well as commercial and retail businesses from docks to malls.

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Visit Our Showroom

Visit our beautiful showroom in Taylors, SC. We're located at 141 Highland Way, Taylors, SC, 29688.  Call today to make an appointment.  You'll see just how beautiful your floors can be.

864.292.6475 or 864.325.1797

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